(PMGSY) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna ( PMGSY)  roads have to na large extent assisted in contributing tpwards the achievement of india’s targets for the millennim Development Goals to poverty reduction and removal of hunger by way of increasing agricultural production and creating job apportunities nnot only in construction sector but also in Primary and secondary of rural economy.

The rode as one of the components of the Infrastructure in rural area is very important as these are like arteries which infuse life and raise hopes and aspirations amongs masses for a better quality of life .The Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Provide  All Weather rural rode connectivity to unconnected villages and to connect identified rural production centres to the existing p;ucca road network and construction ogf pucca internal roads.

PM Gram Sadak Yojana|pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana pib

  • he PMGSY Which came into being in 2000 as centrally Sponsored scheme which envisages to provide Single connectivity by way of all eather roads to all eligible un connected habitations with a population of 500 person and above (as per 2001 census ) in Plain areas and 250 person and above (as per 2001 census in special category states,  Tribul areas, The desert Areas and in selected tribul and backward districts.

In recognition of the important was of the roads in the economy and society of rural india , the Budgetary  outlay which was Rs. 14200 crores during 2014-15 under the PMGSY was raised to RS. 18291 crores as revised outly during 2015-16 which was Further raised to Rs. 19000 crores during 2016-17.

  • PMGSY -2 was lunched inmay 2013 with the puropose to consolidate the existing rural road network.It cover  upgradation of existing selected rural roads based on a criterion to make the rural roade network vibrant and improve its overall efficiency.
  • It is proposed to cover overall 50000km road length by upgradation at an estimated cost of Rs. 33030 crore at 2012-13 prices during the 12th five year plan period.
  • Project of 11, 235km of roads with the value of 6624 crore in the 6 states  ( Andhra Predesh, Gujrat, Haryana, Keranatka, Mharashtra, UP) have also been sanctioned by the Ministry during 2015-16.
  • To give impetus for public investment in the rural sector particularly rural infrastructure, the Ministry has taken a dicision to accelerate execution of PMGSY  and complete the connectivity mandate of the balance eligible habitations under PMGSY-1 by March 2019 itself, before the target year of 2022.
  • As many as 15000 habitations with a road length of 48812 are proposed to be connected during 2016-17 under PMGDY.
  • Quality of the roads are very important for their  better outcomes . In this regard , it may be stated that a three tier quality control Mechanism (  in house quality control , state quality Monitors and national quality monitars0 has been designed for the inspection of roads .
  • The national quality monitors are Monitors are managed and assigned inspection by national Rural Development Agency an arm of the Ministry Of rural Development.

Rastriy sadak yojna New Initiatives  of the PMGSY 

  • To improve the socio econo,ic status of rural people , the present government has not only substantially increased allocation from Rs.14200 ceores in 2014-15 to Rs 19000 crores during  2016-17 to Rs.19000 crores during 2016-17, but also decided to sustain the enhanced level of allocation of funds over the next three years.
  • It has been decided to advace the decision to complete targets three years before from 2022 to 2019 of the programme.
  • The pace of construction has  been improved substantially during last two tears 2014 to 2016 which is evident from the fact that against the targets of connecting 14,865 habitations 18488 have been connected. In a similar pace against the target of completing length of road 55424 kms, 72836 kms have been completed by investing Rs. 32590 crores under the scheme.
  • Focus on using green technologies like waste plastic, cold mix, cell filled concrete, geotextiles have been used in the construction of roads.
  • “Meri Sadak “ App has been launched to facilitate grievance redressal of citizen,s complaints
  • Gender and SC/ST budgeting have been initiated for inclusion of women SHGs and women Panchyat Members at the time of preparation of detailed  Project report.
  • Launching the Pradhan Mantri Grameen Pariwahan  Yojna (PMGPY) shorty to improve access to safe and secure transport facilities on PMGSY roads.

Gramin Sadak Scheme Implementation Programme Challenges

  • The  Maintenance of roads which are older than 5 years is a major challenge before the programme. Although older roads were repair through patchwork , they are in Poor Quality.
  • Each state has different mechanism of implementation of  PMGSY. In some states , PIUs were implementation construction of roads under PMGSY as well as other schemes of the state Government.
  • The trees plants either side of the roads in convergence with Forest Department and MGNREGA need to maintain Properly so that the high Mortality rate among trees could be checked
  • To Conclude ,PMGSY roads have not only Provided both direct and indirect benefits to village community but  also greatily benefited to women in terms of more informed choices at their levels and easier access to the outer  word


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